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We are seeking exclusive partners from different categories of business to find new audiences our books. Our existing partners are Book Cafe (for traditional book retail) & Baskin 31 Robbins ( Ice Cream Parlors and Lounges). We are actively soliciting partnerships in the field of Business/News TV, FM Radio, Coffee Shop Chains, Airports and Online Horizontal Portals. Other businesses are welcome.

We offer exclusive logo space for our partners on the back cover of our books with no charge to the partner. (no logos from rivals in the category will be carried). Partners are also featured on our site prominently. e.g. Book Cafe. All we ask is for the partner to carry our books in their outlets or their front pages (in the case of online) or in the cas of media provide some exposure to their audiences.

We need to fire the imaginations of a whole lot of young people. We know we cannot do it alone. So reach out a hand and we will shake it.

Contact : partner@undercoverpro.net


We are looking for Books that will set a Generation's Imagination on fire. Please read the Undercover Utopia FAQ for the kind of stuff we expect from you.As promised, we are now accepting Submissions for our 2008 list.

Submission Guideline
We will only accept Electronic Submissions in 12 pt. double spaced Times Roman/Arial in MSWord or Rich Text Format. We might make an exception for Helvetica buffs. No Poetry at the moment. Though that can change by January. Keep watching this space. We are looking for novels. Thrillers, Horror, Romance & Sci-fi are our focus areas. Spare us the following : kitchen sink stuff, the great indian relationship story, anything to do with the Raj years. In fact do not submit anything to us that only Indians or the Indian diaspora will want to read. Send us original, global stories that everyone in the world would want to read. The biggest thing we are looking for is the Big Idea of your book. We know you can write. So can a whole lot of people on every other blog. What makes you different? Do you have something to tell that will make everyone sit up and take notice? Find something unique to tell and we will listen. It's a promise we vow to keep.

A Note To our Would Be Authors: Our authors are our soul. That's why we have the best ever royalty arrangements in the Industry. Souls do need a Body to get by. And the Bodies have Needs. Very specialized Needs. And we try to take care of the Needs of our Authors.

Will you be the next John Grisham or Stephen King?

We are now accepting submissions

Contact : submission@undercoverpro.net


To invest in our TV projects write to tv@undercoverpro.net

To invest in our Film Projects write to films@undercoverpro.net


New Release

TV Drama

Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha

Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha is a Television Drama Series that airs on STAR Plus at 11pm starting from September 13, 2010.

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TV Show

The World's First TV Show

On The Internet

The Most Boring Late Night Show Ever
Hansoge Nahi To Neend Kaise Aayegi!

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New Release

BIG BEE'S SECRET HONEY Book Launch Pictures

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