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In the first ever book on cookery in fiction form Manuela Requena has created a beautiful story about the essence of life. Read it for romance and passion and yes memorize these 25 magic recipes. They are the true secrets of this book.


Sangria: Sneak Peak                                           Book Review

Title: Sangria: A Recipe For Love
ISBN: 9780979811678
Author : Manuela Requena
Price : INR 375/-
Publisher: Undercover Utopia, a division of Undercover Productions
Genre : Fiction/Cookery

Rose has lost her sense of taste and smell. And along with it the zest for life. Friendships are not working. Family is falling apart. And Love is a distant dream.

Rose is truly at the Crossroads. Then she meets Isabel. A mysterious gypsy at an Australian vegetable market. Isabel introduces Rose to the Magic of ancient herbs and Recipes. These Recipes don't just cook up a terrific meal - they begin to work Magic in the life of Rose. The stakes are high : Friends, Family & Love. Will Rose be able to turn around her life? Can Isabel help Rose rediscover her sense of taste and smell?

In the first ever book about cookery in Fiction form, Manuela Requena, has created a beautiful story about the essence of life. Read it for the Romance and the Passion and yes memorize these 25 Magic Recipes. They are the true Secrets of this book.

Manuela Requena's magical book Sangria is a Fiction Cookbook, with Spanish Recipes, The Love of Food and full of ancient wisdom.

Fiction Cookbook, Spanish Recipes, The Love of Food blend beautifully in the world's first recipe book in fiction form - Manuela Requena's Sangria.
This Fiction Cookbook, full of Spanish Recipes, and The Love of Food is really magical and helps make better friends, find new lovers and bring your family together.
Sangria is Fiction Cookbook, about Spanish Recipes and about love - The Love of Food and the love that food can cook up.

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Announcement Box


Sangria : A Recipe For Love by Manuela Requena has won the First Prize for Best Food Literature in the World at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris on 11th Feb.

Sangria. A recipe for love
Manuela Requena
Photos: Vicki Adams
ISBN: 9780979811678
146 Pages, 375 RS
(Undercover Utopia)