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Sacred Evil

Sacred Evil is India's first Supernatural/Surreal Feature Film directed by Abhigyan Jha and his younger brother Abhiyan Rajhans. It was released in India in June, 2006. Undercover Productions Executive Produced this film for Sahara One Motion Pictures and Percept Picture Company. Sacred Evil is also the first Indian English Film to have an all European lead cast.

Cast & Crew

Sacred Evil (2006)

Running time   109 min


What's it about?

Sacred Evil is about duality. It explores the premise that reality always has two sides. Where there is light, there is shadow.

Based on a true story from the case files of real-life Wiccan, Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, Sacred Evil is the Story of three women separated by a twenty year old secret. A nun, a Wiccan & a girl in search of her mother.

The nun is Martha, a 45 year old withering woman who lives in a secluded convent in Calcutta. Even in the sanctuary of the Church, she is haunted by a specter that threatens her sanity.

The Wiccan, Ipsita is called upon by the unconventional Mother Superior to heal Martha's soul.

The task is difficult as Martha is reticent in talking about the events in her past. Using her skills as a healer and her training as a Jungian psychotherapist, Ipsita gradually opens the door to Martha's story. The story of the one who haunts her.

Claudia. A young Anglo Indian girl, growing up with the angst of not knowing her mother Maureen, alienated in her Indian surroundings by her blue eyes and blonde hair.

The story now goes back and forth as events from Claudia's life begin to intersect Martha's and Ipsita tries to sort out the tangled threads of the past and the present.

In her search for the lost Maureen who everyone says looked much like her, a real English lady, Claudia becomes obsessed with her mother's image. She begins to turn into her mother. Like her, she seeks out and falls in love with a foreigner, Pierre, a young Frenchman who is in Calcutta for a doctorate. But Pierre is never sure who is in love with him, Claudia or Maureen.

As she tries to heal Martha with centuries old Egyptian rituals of the Wicca, Ipsita learns of Claudia's struggle to keep her sanity and Martha's attempts to save her soul. How she tried hard to bring her to the Church and let God heal her. Ipsita also learns that somewhere the attempts failed. Something happened. Claudia's burden became Martha's. With her own efforts failing to heal Martha's spirit, Ipsita is led to a starting discovery in the end which makes her wonder if the sacred will ever be as strong in us as the evil is.

Cast & Crew

Directed by

Abhigyan jha
Abhiyan Rajhans

Writing credit

Ipsita Ray Chakraverti    Book
Abhigyan & Mrinal Jha    Screenplay

Cast (in credits order)

Sarika ... Ipsita
Lynsey Pow ... Claudia
Frédéric Andrau ... Pierre

Produced by

Sahara One Motion Pictures

Executive Producer

Undercover Productions (Abhigyan Jha)

Original Music

Claver Menezes


Ivan Kozelka

Film Editing

Sanjib Datta

Costume Design

Darshan Jalan

Make Up

Vikram Gaikwad

Original English Lyrics

Abhigyan Jha

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