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Release 2.0: The Bangalore Imperative              The First Ever IT Thriller from India: the country that shifted the paradigm of the use of Information Technology

Indian Software Professional

Release 2.0

Release 2.0: The Bangalore Imperative

by Anil Goel

Release2.0: Sneek Peek      Release2.0: First Ever IT Thriller

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Release2.0: Sneek Peek

The year was 2005. IT exports from India - on track for the $20 Billion mark. The market caps of the leading software firms were at an all time high. The media fell over itself to celebrate New India. Some said America’s days of technology leadership were over.
But within Infinity’s HQ the mood was different. Amidst the public euphoria about India’s alleged Software Army; the graying icon of India’s IT Story - Sudharshan Rao, saw an eerie image of carcasses. Of defunct mills in Central Mumbai. Waiting to be sold for their land value. And he knew it was only a matter of time before the West did to him what the Japanese had done to the Indian Textile Industry at the turn of the 20th Century.
What could a country that ignored innovation and relied on cheap labor for generations possibly do to survive the onslaught?
A chilling nightmare becomes Release 2.0 by end of 2008...

Release 2.0: The Bangalore Imperative

The First Ever IT Thriller from India: the country that shifted the paradigm of the use of Information Technology

Zipping from Silicon Valley to London & Waldorf in Germany to the sprawling campuses of Bangalore INC, & then to uncharted territory in Mauritius, Anil Goel takes you on a journey inside the machinations of the biggest IT companies of the world with an ease that comes from his experience within the cream of the InfoTech revolution for the past 12 turbulent years. He has seen it all – from the mad rush of venture capital and then the demise of the dotcoms, to the outsourcing revolution and the surge of Bangalore to replace Silicon Valley as the IT Capital of the new Flat World.

Indiaplaza Is the largest seller of books in India.

The bestsellers we all love reading capture the moods of America. Not often do we see a book about a revolution we are all a part of. Here is a book that takes on the West. In the story and in the scale. An insider's view from the top of the world. And for a change it's Indian. Our own voice.

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