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Project WHY

There exists in south Delhi a small organisation run by Anouradha Goburdhun Bakshi that has built schools from extremely limited resources to offer kids from the slums hope for better morrows. Today Project Why teaches 600 kids, cares for 20 differently abled children, provides employment to more than 30 local staff and has sponsored 12 open heart surgeries

To date, Project Why has relied solely on contributions from benevolent individual donors - ‘friends of Project Why’ - but its hand-to-mouth modus operandi means its existence is perpetually on a knife-edge. However, it has a dream, and the dream is to create a long-term sustainable future for Project Why by creating a haven for the lost souls that have gently dropped its way and a commercially successful guest house, and our dream is called ‘Planet Why’.

We at Undercover Utopia have decided to make Anou's dream come true.

1 Book can Change Your Life. 4 Books can Change the Lives of Thousands

  • November Rain
  • The Prayer
  • Release 2.0
  • Soul Search engine

By buying these books you are contributing towards building Planet Why and therefore the dream of Project Why’s long-term future

Half price offer: Undercoverutopia believes in Planet Why’s dream and we offer to sell this set of four books at half price Better still, half the money you spend (225 Rupees) is donated to Project Why. Where’s the catch? There is none...

Four great books: These four books represent a must read collection of contemporary literature. Al Raines is the best selling author, who creates magical tales. The Prayer, November Rain and Soul Search Engine all provide a thought-provoking, mystical and riveting journey through uncharted courses.

For more information see:-

*** Please order for one set of books at a time For ordering multiple sets please add multiple order

International Donors

Buy full set of four books

Costing $ 45
Available now at $35
(including shipping)

Indian Donors

Buy full set of four books

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