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November Rain

1 love, 1 incident, 1 decision and 1 brush with the unknown changed the life of 6 medical students from 2 generations. Based on 4 true and inexplicable incidents from the author's life, November Rain is a must read if you are young, if you believe in destiny, if you ever felt there is more at play than everyday life and for all those who have loved and/or lost.

Paranormal Activity

Original Indian Version

New International Version

November Rain, the spinechilling story of love and loss by Al Raines;is now available throughout the world in 2 versions. The Original Indian Version & The New International Edition. Both versions are available online at Amazon.com & on this site. Original Indian version is exclusively available in all Book Cafe stores near you, at bookcafe.in on the web and at selected Baskin Robbins outlets with the 'coolest offer in town' program. For college students in India there are fantastic deals on November Rain. Click here for more info.

November Rain : Flashback                   November Rain : FAQ

November Rain: Reviews

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November Rain : Flashback

November Rain was published in the winter of 1993. It was December(no it wasn't published in November contrary to popular myth) and though Bombay wasn't that cold that year the future looked chilling and bleak for Abhigyan & Mrinal Jha, the Publishers of the book.They used up their last remaining rupees to publish this book. Their Advertising Agency was bankrupt. Their shirt-making company had gone kaput in the aftermath of the riots. All their dreams and hopes were ashes at an average age of 22. They took a gamble. they Published November Rain based on four real life encounters with death and the unknown beyond. With stuff people like to call Supernatural,paranormal activity.

The book found fans throughout the country and even among the Diaspora. Some of the early converts were Ekta Kapoor (who was dreaming up Balaji Telefilms at the time and was to soon launch india's first supernatural series Maano Ya Na Maano) and Anand Mahendroo ( the director of India's greatest sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh).

The TOI Review heralded November Rain as the first Indian Pulp Fiction for the emerging GeNext. the review advised Shobha De to learn how to structure a novel. High praise indeed for a book by rank outsiders. It remains the only Indian Desi Story to spawn a hit TV series across 4 continents.

Readers of November Rain have often compared it to the works of Stephen King. A happy coincidence but Al Raines has always held that the only similarity is that both deal with the paranormal/supernatural and both are pageturners.

There are many firsts credited to the book November Rain. It is the first Indian Novel in English to be made into a Daily Prime Time TV Series. Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan, based on November Rain aired for 300 odd episodes on Zee TV in 2003/2004 and was Zee's no.1 show for a number of weeks. More than 20 Million Viewers across 4 continents tuned in. It is also the first supernatural novel to use first person narrative for all characters and the unique shift in time - back and forth used in November Rain precedes its use in the cult film Pulp Fiction by a neat 11 months.

November Rain : FAQ

Is there any similarity between the Guns N Roses song November Rain and this novel?

The similarity is eerie. Both the Guns N Roses song and the novel November Rain came out in the early nineties and though they were independent of each other - the video of the song strangely dealt with the theme of the novel: sudden death of a loved one! The other similarity is that the Guns N Roses song's video and Al Raines' novel November rain are both about epic love. But it is not true that the song actually inspired the novel.

Is November Rain a novel about Reincarnation?

Reincarnation plays a huge part in the unfolding of the novel November Rain but the story is just as much about other paranormal activity. Planchettes for example. Without encountering the paranormal activities and phenomena described in the novel, the authors - who at the time were atheists, could not have started believing in reincarnation.

Is Om Shanti Om a copy of November Rain?

That's only a rumor mentioned in fan emails and some blogs may be. Both are no doubt about Reincarnation. In the past this Indian desi Story has been privileged to have been plagiarized on TV even as the original show Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan was on air. Prompt legal action was taken. This time too if OSO turns out to be a copy of November Rain, legal action would follow. The Birth starring Nicole Kidman had a similar plot as November Rain and the authors of this book sent a notice to New Line Cinema. NLC appointed an independent legal team to assure us that the film was not a copy. Nevertheless, The Birth has still not been released in India.

How supportive has the Indian Diaspora been of this unusual exported Indian Desi Story?

The Indian Diaspora has been extremely supportive of November Rain and Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan particularly. It is not often that an original story from India takes the world by storm and they are justifiably proud of this stunning story from their homeland. And when the book finally becomes a mainstream Hollywood film. Their faith in this book will be vindicated.The Indian Diaspora today constitutes an important, and in some respects unique, force in world culture. The Indian Diaspora is a generic term to describe the people who migrated from territories that are currently within the borders of the Republic of India. The Indian Diaspora gave the Television version of November Rain their love and appreciation wherever in the world it was screened. After all it is the first bestseller of this genre, a truly Indian Desi Story - with global appeal. Welcome to the world of mysterious and paranormal. In this website, you will get the complete information on November Rain the novel based on real life Paranormal Activity and Reincarnation. Reincarnation, literally "to be made flesh again", is a doctrine or metaphysical belief that some essential part of a living being (in some variations only human beings) survives death to be reborn in a new body. Undercover Utopia - and the novel November Rain - is your perfect online source for information on the global impact of the Indian Diaspora, Paranormal Activity and Reincarnation

That's the next question. Is November Rain about to become a Hollywood Blockbuster?

Time will tell. Our agent has informed us of the considerable interest in turning The New International version of November Rain into a major motion picture and negotiations are on. This page will be the first to announce the deal when it is struck.

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