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Review of For The Class of 2010 as appeared in the latest issue of The Teenager magazine.

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Review by Anil Goel

Rating: *****

Class MMX is a handbook for life itself.

Al Raines" last book 'Soul Search' Engine takes us to primitive life, journeys through the generations and ends in the current, giving us more than a hint that we are not just what we seem. We are the sum total of all that we have been Till Now. Class MMX takes the baton from Till Now and makes us look into the future, about who we want to be and what to put on the left side of the equation today so that it all adds up and puts us on the right side, pun painfully intended. It is a handbook for life, best suited for a pocket reference guide, to be looked at by anyone at any time of his life that he wants to look at his situation as a teenager would. In a sense, it is an elixir of youth for all ages. It shows us how we can reset the clock and look at life afresh, as if we were teenagers, and plan the way ahead, no matter where we have stopped to consider.
For teenagers themselves, of course, the book is a prize. Its an award for being at the right time of their life. Its a celebratory, congratulatory nudge and wink, pointing almost unfairly to the shortcuts that lie ahead on the road to adulthood and achievement. Shun it with attitude and life still awaits you eagerly; grab it with both hands and rush forward is my advice, the world is waiting for you...

Review by Joseph (USA)

Rating: *****

Just finished reading "For The Class of 2010"! I loved it!!!!

When life gets completely nuts and when it seems that things are spiraling down out of control. When our financial markets add stress to our middle class and when folks are worried about losing their homes, well, isn't that the perfect time to read a truly book with totally different thought, one that touches your heart and allows you to see all the things in differnt light.

Review By Jimmy

Rating: *****

There are some books that you read and enjoy, there are others you read and are relaxed, and then there are the books that become part of your life.This is a book that can change the way that you think about a great many thing.This is a great book for your personal development library.This book will challenge your current thinking and philosophy towards life.

Review By S.R. Sarat

Rating: *** & half

This is a beautifully gift book.These books for me, have been inspirational and motivational. I hope and trust you find these massively beneficial to you. Every words of wisdom and motivating and inspiring views on family, love, and life. It is very down to earth in a very positive way.

Review By Nitin

Rating: *** & half

Engaging and well informed guide...i am desperate to share this delight with everyone.If you love reading books, don't miss reading this one. It is a beautiful, magnificent book that will just fill your heart with wonder. I love this book and I thoroughly enjoyed my read.

Review By Rajul.S

Rating: *** & half

When are you happiest? What is it you enjoy doing most? If you're looking for your life's path and can't seem to find it, "class of 2010" by Alraines will help you clear the way. If you're not even sure you have a path, or just want to lay down some markers on the one you're already on, this book is destined for you.this book will help you see things in whole lot of new way.

Review by Vidhu

Rating: *** & half

Its a mix of illumination, inspiration, education, and guidance that will change the way you view the world and yourself.This inspiring book is ideal for you if you are ready to embrace change and move forward in your life to become all you know you can be.

Review by Rimsha

Rating: ****

This book is unique in not telling you what you should think, but letting you connect to your own truth. Discover that all you need to know is within you. Find out how to connect to your own inner wisdom, for if you follow its path, you cannot fail to find ever increasing love, inner peace, connection and happiness.

Review by Celester

Rating: ****

In this powerful book, Alraines will show you how to tune into your inner guidance and discover meaning, purpose and wisdom within.The Author seems like a very kind and gentle person who instinctively knows how to give the right advice and guidance.

Review by Jeshal

Rating: ****

The best way to predict your future is to create it.Create your future now. Empower yourself and start transforming your life today with class of 2010.This book will change the way you think abt everything.

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